Monday, November 24, 2014

Stone Soup Living

I started my latest journey on February 14th of this year.  My girls and I moved out of my ex husband's house (he and our kids and I made the decision to cohabitate in an effort to keep a roof over everyone's heads) and into the apartment we're in now.  I was beyond excited to be moving, for a number of reasons, but the best part of our moving meant that I'd be moving next door to my person.  Her door is literally three feet from mine.  It's pretty awesome.

My handsome fella.
My person is...well, she's amazing.  As far as best friends go, I've hit the jack pot.  I have truly awesome friends.  Seriously.  You should all be fairly green with envy.  One of my dear friends recently took me shopping for my ex husband's girlfriend's tortoise that my kids and I somehow ended up with.  I whole heartedly have come to love my Mister Tuttle .  He's a handsome fella and he just makes my heart melty.  She knows that I'm struggling to care for my human kids right now, but that he has needs.  So, she took me to get him a heating lamp and some new bedding.  Seriously made me cry.  My Mister is all kinds of happy (and warm!) right now.  Yet another friend came over and kept me company (and got me a little bit completely snockered).  Then she had her husband bring us over a sofa.  Another friend is working to help me land a job, and helped me with my resume.  Then there's my person.  She is my resident therapist and that little voice that leads me to act appropriately.  She's like Jiminy Cricket.  She's my Jiminy Cricket who brings me food and watches tv with me. 

See, amazing friends.

When the girls and I moved in, we decided to throw a Christmas in February party.  It was a total blast!  I love spending time with my friends.  I love parties.  And I especially love food.  I think this party was truly the beginning of our stone soup way of life.  What transpired in the following months has been a truly wonderful blessing! 

It started with one meal, and then blossomed into  much more.

So good they should be illegal!
We now regularly swap meals (and ingredients).  She'll cook something yummy, and it'll end up on my plate.  I'll make chocolate chip banana nut bread, and they'll get a third of the loaf.  She makes yummy hamburger soup, and my family raids her fridge for as long as it's in there.  I make a batch of Hot Cocoa Rice Krispies treats and she gets....ok, that one wasn't a great example.  Those are reeeeaaally hard to share!  I shared the cinnamon rolls, though!

My point is this.  We've realized that we don't have a lot.  Seriously, nothin.  But, together we've got something.  I've got the pot, she's got the stone.

In the past I have firmly declared that I am not at all domesticated.  I hated to cook.  Hated.  Who wants to work all day, go to school all day, clean, do laundry, go to the store, etc. and then have to come home and spend a couple of hours in the kitchen?  Who has time for that shit???  Thank you, no.  However, in the last nine months I've really come to enjoy it.  I love having someone to cook and bake for!

I love that I have a ready made village to share the burden of life's hardships, as well as the joys, with!  And I really love the fucking food!!!!!

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