Thursday, October 16, 2014

On the Road Again

Tuesday I was asked to join my bestie for an impromptu road trip to La Junta.  I had never been to La Junta before (and had absolutely nothing else going on) and my bestie asked me, so off we went.  After a rough and rocky (and incredibly slow) start, we were off! 

I'm what's known as a "city girl".  I don't do farm animals.  For a multitude of reasons, but mostly because they stink.  In order to get to La Junta, we had to travel through some serious cattle ranch country.  Now, I don't know the extent of all y'alls experience with cattle ranches, but they stink.  Not just a little stink, either.  It's a big stink!  It's an eye watering, wishing you were a mouth breather, peel the paint of the truck kind of stink.  It smells like an old and rotting dirty diaper.  Yeah.  And the crux of it is, the smell sticks with you.  Even hours after we got home, I could still smell it.  I was assured that you become acclimatized to the smell at some point.  I kind of doubt this theory and am not at all anxious to test it.  Every time we drove past a cattle truck....oh I wanted to hurl.  Badly.

Our view for most of the trip...

Then there's the fact that the hundred or so miles (if you go the out east route to get there) is nothing but plains, broken up by a few houses scattered all over the middle of East God's Nowhere.  No seriously, plain plains.  I'm fairly certain we passed Laura Ingalls at some point.  It was seriously monotonous!  I can count on my two hands the number of trees we saw.

Isn't that beautiful?!
I seriously took like 90 sunset pics...

All that being said, it was a simply fabulous road trip!  We had fun and made memories and got an awesome dad to see his amazing kids!  Plus, since there weren't any trees, we were able to see this bomb ass sunset unimpeded!  It was a great trip!!!  Yay for unexpected moments of fun with some of your favorite people!

This is beautiful too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Like Riding a Bike

It occurred to me in the not too distant past that it's been many a year since I've done any blogging.  Hell, is blogging even something people still do???  Then there's the fact that I'm not all that interesting and do I really have anything important or note worthy, or even moderately entertaining, to say???  Who in their right minds would want to read ANYTHING that I have to say???  Well, looks like I'm going to give it a whirl, anyway.  So, bear with me and maybe we'll all get lucky, and I'll find my voice again and remember how to be amusing and intelligent and not at all off putting...  Ha!